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Download the article we discussed in June 2021.
“How Flatpack Democracy beat the old parties in the People’s Republic of Frome”

Hexham Debate Saturday 27th March 2021:

Democracy – fact or fiction? The upsides of down and opportunities in crisis.
Peter MacFadyen, founder of Sustainable Frome and a Director of Frome’s Renewable Energy Co-op.Peter MacFadyen  Gardener, social activist, grandfather and undertaker.
Peter is a founder of Sustainable Frome and  a Director of Frome’s Renewable Energy Co-op. Through these he better understood both the missed opportunities and potential of local government, leading to his role in initiating Independents for Frome (IfF), the group of individuals whose take over of Frome Town Council is the focus of Flatpack Democracy. Peter chaired key committees and served as both mayor and leader of the council.  He did not stand again in May 2019, instead writing Flatpack Democracy 2.0 to complete the legacy of experience sharing.

Peter MacFadyen’s book about flatpack democracy  


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