Last year Tynedale Transformed partnered Hexham Debates, who run on line debates on matters to do with peace and social justice. We are continuing this partnership into 2024 and will, once again, be running 3 in person debates between now and June. Please listen to, and participate in, this season’s debates, whether virtual or in real life.
Link to Hexham Debates

Panel discussions provided by Tynedale Transformed:

11.00am to 12.30pm at the Church Hall, St Mary’s Catholic Church, Hencotes, Hexham, NE46 2EB
A panel of three speakers with local and regional knowledge of the topics will discuss these issues, with an emphasis on what local solutions might be found. The panellists will speak briefly, and the remaining time will be a discussion for all. 
A list of associated resources will be provided at each discussion. Admission free, retiring collection

Saturday 24 February 2024: What Place Does Protest Have in Democracy?
Saturday 13 April 2024: How to Improve Regional Pay and Working Conditions
Saturday 1 June 2024: The Future of Food and Farming in Northumberland.

Tynedale Transformed is about re-imagining a fairer and sustainable future and making it happen.

Tynedale Transformed is about pushing the boundaries of what political participation looks like. Strategy games, treasure hunts, reading groups, and theatre workshops, talks, events, walks, lectures…. anything is possible.  TT will be based on inclusivity and a shared wish to examine the issues facing our communities and our world, encouraging a politics based on creativity, open mindedness and comradeship. We want to transform the way we live together. We want to start the conversation.
Our aim is to draw on existing networks and connections, locally, regionally and nationally as well as providing a platform for new ideas new groups and individuals.
Tynedale Transformed 2020

We’ve made a start at Tynedale Transformed 2020

We are continued with Second Sundays.

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TT20 was a festival of ideas.  Imagining radical change and planning how to make it happen. It’s about doing it together. We platformed local, regional, national and international voices to help tackle issues that affect us all here in Tynedale.

Second Sundays will featured events, workshops, virtual content and a panel discussion.

As the world opens up post Covid and so many linked groups are meeting in person we’re continuing to keep you in touch with our “Second Sunday News“. Sign up to receive your emailed copy.

We’ve begun to shape the vision – the plan is forming and we’re all involved.