Tynedale Transformed

TT20 Real Clap for Carers.

We all clapped for the NHS and for our carers but nothing has changed for them, Nurses and carers are still over worked and badly paid. Hexham Real Living Wage Group organised a virtual demonstration with speakers talking about the care sector and what needs to change.  

Watch the zoom event from the TT20 festival held in March 2020.

Following the  our Real Clap for Carers event  at Tynedale Transformed festival which launched our campaign to get a Real Living Wage for Carers in Northumberland – we are asking you to sign our petition today: 

We call on Northumberland County Council to increase their subsidy for care services so that Care Workers can be paid the Real Living Wage

Northumberland County Council currently pays a lower rate of subsidy for residential care than other North East local authorities and this is cited by care providers as the reason for non payment of the Real Living Wage.

Care in the Community organisations have also cited low levels of subsidy as the reason for their non payment of the Real Living Wage.

Care workers say they have to work as many additional hours as they can get just to make ends meet. They struggle to find time for training and miss quality time with family They have no collective voice because they have no time to organise.

We are calling on NCC to increase their subsidy to both residential and community  care providers conditional on the payment of the Real Living Wage as a minimum for all their employees.

We have clapped for our Care Workers, now let’s ACT for them and give them a Real Living Wage.

Please sign the petition at