November 8th 2020 Resources

From the High Street to the Village: Keeping our Communities Alive.

Short films on community led initiatives

Local Community Businesses

Engaging Communities – Jefferson Institute:

General info:                                               
The projects in the UK (both NHS partnered)
2-hour long community conversations:      

Report on the 2016 US election –
                                                     (Worth skimming through with respect to understanding others point of view)
Alternative models for stimulating the local economy.

Preston, Lancashire: The Preston Model:

Malton,  Yorkshire:  Circular economy:

Webinar: Malton and a Circular Economy:

The Circular Economy General :       

Hexham Action Zone

High Street Heritage action zone funding for Hexham:
Scheme Overview:                                                          Hexham High Streets Heritage Action Zone Overview v.3.0

Food Co-ops

Setting up a Food Co-op: website:                      

Crop for the Shop:   Article and video:                   

A Food Co-Op in Your Community: Video:             (10.07mins)

How to Set Up your Own Local Food Co-Op:  Article:

Sustain Food Co-Ops:  Website:                            

Rootstock: Website:                                                

Veggies: Website:                                                   

Radical Routes: Website network:                         

Cooperation Town: Website:                                  

Farmers Markets

Hexham Farmers’ Market: Website:                      

Why you should shop at your farmers’ market Ted Talk:   5.58 mins

Social Enterprises

Community Interest Companies

Official Government Website Pages:  

Report on Food Banks: Government report page:

Ted talks (Videos)

How we can feed the Future:                                     (12mins)

How Supply Chain Transparency can Help the planet:   13.22 mins

Wearing nothing New:                                              5.09 mins

The post crisis consumer:                           16.19 mins

Less stuff, more Happiness:                      5.34 mins

What Covid 19 means for the future of commerce, capitalism and cash

Capitalism needs an upgrade, says PayPal CEO Dan Schulman, and it starts with paying people enough to actually invest in their futures. He discusses why companies need to cultivate trust to recover and rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic — and how we can use this defining moment to create a more inclusive, ethical economy. (This virtual conversation, hosted by TED business curator Corey Hajim and current affairs curator Whitney Pennington Rodgers, was recorded on May 19, 2020.)
Ted talk video:  49.09 mins

Hexham Debate on: Breaking the Power of Money
Our monetary system has evolved over centuries as a great public good – not unlike the sanitation system. Managed well, it could enable society to do great good, e.g. it could transform our economy away from fossil fuels. However, the system has been captured by a small financial elite, which today exercises extraordinary power over society and governments. How can we reclaim money for the benefit of society as a whole?


The Future of the High Street,more%20prosperous%20future%20high%20street.

The 2020 high street report

Reinventing the high street for Covid-19 recovery

Re-imagining the high street

High streets and town centres in 2030

Involving the public in redesigning urban layouts in the UK

Farmers’ Guardian on Supermarkets


The Story of Chocolate: Unwrapping the Bar

Fairtrade Videos for the Younger Ones

My Fairtrade Adventure part 1 (for ages 7 to 11)   (7.01 mins)

My Next Fairtrade Adventure (for 7-11 yrs) Part 2  (7.02 mins)

My Fairtrade Adventure Part 3 – Can changing what I buy really change lives? (for ages 12 to 16)  (7.01mins)