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The Future Of Democracy


April 11th 2021 : The Future of Democracy

Democracy is currently under attack throughout the world but what do we mean by democracy and what form should it take? With a range of elections are taking place throughout the country on 6th May this Month’s Second Sunday will consider The Future of Democracy.

Watch the Vimeo recording of The Hexham Debate: Democracy – fact or fiction? The upsides of down and opportunities in crisis. here
Peter MacFadyen, founder of Sustainable Frome and  a Director of Frome’s Renewable Energy Co-op.
Peter MacFadyen  Gardener, social activist, grandfather and undertaker.
Peter is a founder of Sustainable Frome and  a Director of Frome’s Renewable Energy Co-op. Through these he better understood both the missed opportunities and potential of local government, leading to his role in initiating Independents for Frome (IfF), the group of individuals whose take over of Frome Town Council is the focus of Flatpack Democracy. Peter chaired key committees and served as both mayor and leader of the council.  He did not stand again in May 2019, instead writing Flatpack Democracy 2.0 to complete the legacy of experience sharing.

4.30 – 5.30: In conversation with Chris Jackson considering the importance of local journalism to democracy.
Chris presented the regional current affairs series Inside Out for ten years. He has been named Presenter of the Year three times by the North-east Royal Television Society. He is a passionate believer in local journalism and its importance in holding organisations and politicians to account, which is vital in preserving a healthy democracy.”       
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6.30 – 8.00 Panel discussion featuring regional and local responses to how democracy can work and what it mean; with representatives from The Peoples Assembly North East, Open Hexham and a county and parish council candidate.
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For Suggested Films see Resources Page for this month.