The Future of The NHS: resources.

Resources recommended by our panel:

Jenny Firth-Cozens
Application form to join the governors. This is also available lower down this page.

Lesley Duke:
Build Back Fairer: The COVID-19 Marmot Review – IHE

Web sites:

Keep our NHS Public North East:

NHS Patients:

Northumbria NHS Trust:

The link to join is

UNISON Public Health workers’ union:

Govt. NHS Commissioning:

Trade Union Campaigns:

Trade Union Congress:

The Hexham Debates:


Documentaries/ Videos

 The Great NHS Heist (Drew McFadyen and Bob Gill, 2019)
 Groundswell: The Grassroots Battle for the NHS – A Battle for Democracy (John Furse, 2020)
 Videos
 Harsh truths about the NHS (Bob Gill) (12 mins)
 The real cost of living (Save Our NHS) (3 minutes)
 Our NHS – Hanging on a Thread (38 degrees, 2016)
 filmed in the North East (10 minutes)
 TED talk – Privatisation of the NHS (Allyson Pollock, 2014) (18 mins)

TED Talks

Taking control of community Health
Rally your community to a healthier and happier way of life with these aspirational, yet accessible talks (that also offer some great ideas on where to start). Curated by TED · 6 talks

Your health depends on where you live
Where you live: It impacts your health as much as diet and genes do, but it’snot part of your medical records. At TEDMED, Bill Davenhall shows howoverlooked government geo-data (from local heart-attack rates to toxic dumpsite info) can mesh with mobile GPS apps to keep doctors in the loop. Call it “geo-medicine.