Tynedale Transformed

TT20 Revisited

TT20 Recordings 2nd – 4th October 2020

Here are the recordings of the Zoom sessions that we held as part of TT20.

Unfortunately, The Future of the Arts, and The Community Organising recordings have evaporated and will hopefully be found in some corner of a computer hard drive soon. The same fate befell the Women’s Banner Group recording but luckily we have a recording of a very similar session held in September that we can provide instead.

The final session on Utopia is being absorbed into a bigger project.

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Festival Grand Opening 

The results of the Flash fiction competition judged by world famous writer Meg Pokrass. Readings by the winners, music with Bridie Jackson, followed by a provocation on “the importance of hope”, by Claire Maxwell, Chair of The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative.

Part 1 Flash Fiction competition with Meg Pokrass

Part 2 Music and Community Organising with Bridie Jackson

Part 3  The Importance of Hope with Claire Maxwell

The Real Clap for Carers:

We all clapped for the NHS and for our carers but nothing has changed for them, Nurses and carers are still over worked and badly paid. Hexham Real Living Wage Group organised a virtual demonstration with speakers talking about the care sector and what needs to change.  

The Trouble With Hexham: Radical History Tour of Hexham. Ever wondered what really happened in the market place? What has cookery got to do with class and religion? Who owned slaves and why did Oswald Mosley visit Hexham?  Mark Benjamin and Vic Gammon will tell you and then you can listen to the tour yourselves. Hexham will never be the same again! 

The Trouble with Hexham audio tour.

The trouble with Journalism: Toby Hill, a freelance journalist who specialises in reporting on South America talks about the challenges facing independent journalists at home and abroad.  His article can be found at www.tynedaletransformed.org  (go to blog).                                                                                           

The Women’s Banner Group.  The Women’s Banner Group formed in 2017 with a mission to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women within trade unions, politics and communities, with particular recognition for the historically important women of the Durham Coalfield who history was forgotten. They use community engagement, education, history, and creativity to promote equality, fairness, recognition and camaraderie. The recording of this session has disappeared into the inner workings of a computer. Until we find it please watch an equivalent session held in September 2020 also chaired by Penny Grennan

Singing in Protest 

An evening of song, celebration and stories around the songs of protest. Featuring  , Vic Gammon, Sam and James Gillespie from the Brothers Gillespie and many others.

The trouble with Transport: Is it all the fault of the internal combustion engine?John Ord proposes some radical solutions to our local transport problems.

Re- imagining rural life. We all know that rural life can be wonderful and very difficult, with scarce resources and huge distances to travel. Following a provocation by Peter Samson  we pool our ideas. See what we come up with. Let’s build Utopia here.

Sustainability panel  

Sustainability is all the rage these days but what does it mean? A panel of people who have changed the way that they and others live talk about what they do and what the rest of us can do too. With: Sue Reed, Carolin Blaske, Andy Lees, Sue Seymour Deni Riach, and Julie Gibbon.