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Pick of the Tops: resources revisited

resources revisited

The events we highlighted were:
Climate Action. A Hexham Youth Debate:  Local young people talk about what needs to happen to address Climate Change
Re-Imagining Rural Life:  A vision of the future in the rural areas addressing sustainability, self reliance and fun.
Reporting from a Dictatorship: First hand experience of reporting from Nicaragua and what the implications are.
The Future of Democracy: From the local to international media, what is the relationship between the media and the truth.
The Hexham Radical History Tour: An audio tour that proves that things are not quite as they seem. Find the leaflet, download the tour to your phone, listen on SoundCloud, check out the bibliography or just watch the Vimeo conversation.
The Power of the People: A quiet revolution: This shows what is possible in a small town
The Future of the NHS: A panel discussion from the local to the regional and beyond.
The Importance of Hope: A provocation. read it here watch the Vimeo recording here