Tynedale Transformed

TT20 Festival

Tynedale Transformed Festival (TT20) is about re-imagining a fairer, sustainable future and making it happen in our communities.

2nd – 4th October 2020

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Friday 2nd October: Evening Programme

Festival Grand Opening:
7.30 – 9.30

Part 2 Music and Community Organising with Bridie Jackson

  • The results of the Flash fiction competition judged by world famous writer Meg Pokrass
    The finalist’s stories have now been published on this site, available here.
  • Readings by the winners 
  • Music here
  • Together Apart Music here
  • A provocation on “the importance of hope”, by Claire Maxwell, Chair of The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative: 
    Claire has kindly allowed us to publish her written provocation, which is available here

Saturday 3rd October: Morning Programme

10.15-11.30: Real Clap for Carers Virtual Demonstration
Hosted by Hexham Real Living Wage group. With speakers talking about the care sector and what needs to change. Drummed in by Local group A Batida da Rua.
Following the  our Real Clap for Carers event  at Tynedale Transformed festival which launched our campaign to get a Real Living Wage for Carers in Northumberland – we are asking you to sign our petition here

11.30 – 12 30 The Future of the Arts. The Arts, TV, film, theatre, music, art works, are central to our wellbeing and they are under threat from cuts and the impact of COVID-19. A panel will discuss what is happening and what we can do about it.

11.30: Hexham Debates: The NHS – past, present and future. Vimeo link here

12.30: Theatre sans Frontier “The Golden Conch Shell” Vimeo link here

Saturday 3rd October: Afternoon Programme

1.00 – 2.00: The Trouble with Hexham.

for the full tour, listen on soundcloud
Mark has kindly provided us with the bibliography he used when preparing the tour here.

2.30 – 4.00 The Trouble with Journalism.

  • Toby Stirling Hill will talk about the challenge and dangers facing independent journalists at home and abroad.

4.00pm Hexham Debates: Who does the BBC serve? Vimeo link  here

4.00 – 4.30 The Warm Collective

  • Featuring Gambian musicians ‘Time for Change’, A locally based musicians’ collective working to help people in the Gambia.
    YouTube link here
    and another YouTube link with just soundtrack:  here

4.30 – 5.30 Women’s’ Banner Group.

A group whose mission is to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women within trade unions, politics and communities using community engagement, education, history, and creativity to promote equality, fairness, recognition and camaraderie.

Saturday 3rd October: Evening Programme

7.30 – 9.30 Singing in Protest:

  • An evening of song, celebration and stories around the songs of protest.
  • Featuring: Sing in Solidarity from New York, and many others, it will be fun and feisty.
  • Bring your protest songs to the open mic.

Sunday 4th October: Morning Programme

11.00 – 12.00 Hexham Debates: On Democracy. Vimeo link  here

Gerard Hastings, Emeritus Professor, University of Stirling: Thinking Like an Ecosystem: The Need for New Stories.

11.00 – 12.00  The Trouble with Transport.

  • talk and workshop on Transport Solutions especially rural communities

Sunday 4th October: Afternoon Programme

1.00 – 2.00 Re- imagining rural life.

  • We all know that rural life can be wonderful and very difficult, with scarce resources and huge distances to travel. Following some ideas from the panel we will pool our ideas and see what we come up with. Let’s build Utopia here.

3.00 – 4.30 Sustainability Panel

  • Sustainability is all the rage these days but what does it mean? A panel of people who have changed the way that they and others live will talk about what they do and what the rest of us can do too.

5.00 – 6.30 Community Organising and initiatives.

Tynedale is full of community initiatives and groups, all making our communities better places and improving the quality of local people’s lives. This panel discusses what the needs are and how we can all participate in making our communities better.

Sunday 4th October: Evening Programme

7.00 – 9.00 Utopia: New ways of being. Visions of the future.

The final session of the festival raises the question “What next”? In these uncertain times good and bad things are happening everywhere. Let’s discuss what we would like to happen…

for without a vision there can be no plan.